Domiziani Tour - Borgo Sant'Apollinare

For more than 30 years Domiziani has been revolutionizing the way we see furniture.

Its artisan techniques are the result of careful research and deep knowledge of the subject with meticulous artistic workmanship of those who can see beyond.

A meeting between volcanic rock, ceramics, and glaze that make each Domiziani piece unique and with its own distinct soul, thanks to a fine work of craftsmanship. Domiziani finds its identity by merging nature and art into products that are recognized and loved all over the world.

Each project is one of a kind and carries within it a set of unique features that makes every piece inimitable.

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Domiziani Tour

Domiziani Inox Lava Design

Guided tour departing from Borgo Sant'Apollinare to the Domiziani ceramic and design company in Torgiano.